Online Banking is Evolving

Our newly enhanced online banking brings all of your accounts and financial information into one place and offers new budgeting and spending tools to help you stay on top of your finances. You can now: 

  • See your transactions automatically categorized and graphically displayed in the account summary page
  • Change and/or exclude transaction categorizations from their spending analysis
  • Create and manage budgets based on your spending habits
  • See all your accounts in one place by linking accounts you hold at other financial institutions
  • Add assets and liabilities (e.g. car, home, or even money under the mattress) so you can see a more complete picture of your finances
  • Create account groups so that transaction history and spending analysis for related accounts can be viewed together
  • View your spending and budgets using mobile web and mobile app
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Financial wellness Expand/Collapse

Get your complete financial picture in one place. Start with your Interior Savings transactions, add transactions from other financial accounts like credit cards, investments—even loans from mom and dad—and see them in the same place. That’s your big picture. Best of all, it’s free and built into online banking.

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Understand your spending habits Expand/Collapse

It’s easier to plan when you can see a snapshot of how and where you spend your money. All your transactions are automatically categorized and displayed in easy to understand charts and graphs, updated daily. Assign and re-assign transactions to different categories. Personalize your categories so they make sense to you. It’s easy to do.

spending and trends analysis

Set budgets Expand/Collapse

Budgets help you manage your money better, especially when they reflect your actual spending. A default budget has already been set up. But personalizing is also easy.

budget management

Categorize your transactions Expand/Collapse

To make things easy, we have done our best to categorize all your transactions. If you want to customize these categories, or change the category for a particular transaction, you can do so. You can also apply modifications exclusively to future transactions, or for both future and past transactions.

Link external accounts Expand/Collapse

By linking external accounts from other financial institutions, transactions and account activity from these accounts become visible in your Interior Savings online banking session and included in your spending analysis and budgets.

You can link:

  • Your accounts held at services partners, such as Qtrade and Collabria (MasterCard®)
  • Your accounts held at other financial institutions
  • Non-financial accounts, such as loyalty and reward programs for shopping and travel

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